Curriculum Vitae

Last updated 14 August 2021
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Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude, Gettysburg College

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major, 3.70 GPA
Lincoln Scholar – highest merit-based scholarship awarded

Research Experience

PhD Candidate – Lab of Dr. Ilana Brito, Cornell University

Designing and implementing methods to quantify changes in the composition and function of the human gut microbiome during perturbation and disease - Spring 2017 – present

HHMI Summer Research Fellow – Gettysburg College

Characterizing soil bacteriophages by host range screens and comparative genomics - Summers 2014 & 2015


Kent AG, Vill AC , Shi Q, Satlin MJ, Brito IL. Widespread transfer of mobile antibiotic resistance genes within individual gut microbiomes revealed through bacterial Hi-C. Nat Commun. 2020 Sep 1;11(1):4379.

Delesalle VA, Vill AC, Tomko BE, Boas K, Burton EA, Guffey AA, Loney R, Simões MS, Tanke NT, Krukonis GP. Comparative genomics of fourteen novel Siphoviridae phages of Bacillus subtilis, including three phages closely related to SPP1. In preparation.

Delesalle VA, Tanke NT, Vill AC, Krukonis GP. Testing hypotheses for the presence of tRNA genes in mycobacteriophage genomes. Bacteriophage. 2016 Aug 5;6(3):e1219441.

Pope WH, Bowman CA, Russell DA, Jacobs-Sera D, Asai DJ, Cresawn SG, Jacobs WR, Hendrix RW, Lawrence JG, Hatfull GF; Science Education Alliance Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science ; Phage Hunters Integrating Research and Education; Mycobacterial Genetics Course. Whole genome comparison of a large collection of mycobacteriophages reveals a continuum of phage genetic diversity. eLife. 2015 Apr 28;4:e06416.

co-first author
consortium member, data contributor

Honors and Awards

Seed Grant Recipient, Genomics Innovation Hub - 2020
Distinguished Scholar, Cornell Center for Vertebrate Genomics - 2019
Honorable Mention, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship - 2018
Herzog Teaching Fellow, Gettysburg College - 2015
HHMI Summer Research Fellow, Gettysburg College - 2014 & 2015